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HIPAA Compliant

We would like to do our part to help our fellow citizens get through the CoronaVirus outbreak by offering you the use of CareCollab software INDEFINITELY and completely FREE of charge.

Security Features

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is designed to improve the efficiency of the healthcare industry and ensure patient-identifiable information remains confidential. We understand how important it is for your practice to comply with these requirements that’s why all of our products are designed to help ensure you meet all the legal and regulatory terms of HIPAA.

HIPAA Security Rules Compliant

Dental Communication Management

CareCollab Software is designed to follow your collaborative workflow with other doctors, patients, and dental labs. No more calls to multiple parties in different locations to obtain and distribute lab results.

Dental Communication management

Dental Imaging File Transfer

CareCollab software makes it possible to transfer images directly and easily from your dental imaging software. Discover how a new software can improve efficiency, diagnostics, and patient understanding.

Dental Imaging File Transfer
CareCollab is a communication software tool from an award winning company, Comprehensive Network Solutions , based in Bethesda, Maryland.
The most comprehensive and secure dental software communication tool that allows healthcare professionals to easily construct patient cases.
Healthcare professionals can communicate via live secure file sharing and live video streaming conference rooms.

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Health Collaboration Software
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