Dental Communication Management

CareCollab digitally streamlines all the collaboration communication functions dentists need into one seamless dental communication management software package. CareCollab is designed to follow your normative collaborative workflow with other doctors, patients, and dental labs. No more calls to multiple parties in different locations to obtain and distribute lab results.

Communication Management

Now, you can use a single, secure online portal to connect to the colleagues you’d like to consult, the laboratory technicians on whose work you depend on for accurate diagnoses and the patients you serve presently or potentially. Likewise, dental schools can use CareCollab to network with faculty and students, distribute diagnostic and didactic information and conduct virtual class presentations.

Our unique new dental communication management software facilitates a virtual online meeting with colleagues and patients alike. Your CareCollab login lets you open and manage cases, schedule cyber conferences with up to four participants, and attend presentations using real-time video streaming. Using this powerful new information and communication manager, you can securely share files and images via multiple whiteboards and browse shared information on participants’ devices all from your desktop.

CareCollab software

We offer the most comprehensive and progressive problem-solving solutions that dental professionals can buy. CareCollab makes your office more efficient, your diagnostic collaborations simpler and your professional life easier. Choose CareCollab today. The monthly fee is budget friendly but the cost savings are great.

Are you still using an outdated and non-secure email to communicate and transfer files to colleagues and patients? Can you conference and share information live using the same integrated secure system? Do you and your staff spend hours of administrative time each week contacting, informing, and updating patients and colleagues? To better manage your patients and your practice, CareCollab is the answer.

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