Dental Imaging Software File Transfer

Highly advanced security features

CareCollab is known for cutting-edge dental communication software that improves online communication between dental care providers using highly advanced security features. CareCollab software makes it possible to transfer images directly and easily from your dental imaging software. Discover how updated software can improve efficiency, diagnostics, and patient understanding. Start your free trial now.

Paperless office

Dental imaging software is a major component of moving toward a paperless office, a change that often results in increased efficiency for both employees and resources. Imaging software eliminates the cumbersome process of developing x-ray slides and keeping physical records of the images. This means that employees can spend less time transporting and filing the physical images, and your practice will have less paper waste when it's time to dispose of old x-ray files.

Improve Diagnostics

As imaging technology improves, it becomes easier to diagnose current and future dental problems. This means that issues like cavities or impacted wisdom teeth will be more apparent earlier on, allowing dental professionals to make more accurate diagnoses and begin effective treatment sooner than otherwise possible. Improve diagnostics and collaboration with colleagues and your patients and increase revenue and patient acceptance by using CareCollab's easy-to-use file transfer function directly from your dental imaging software.

Assist Patient Understanding

It can be challenging to involve patients in healing problems that they can't see or don't understand, or if they don’t have time to visit you at your office. Provide a comprehensive case presentation to your patients without their presence in your office. It can be an invaluable time-saving tool for both the dental office and the patient. Clear and easy-to-read images can be invaluable tools in explaining oral health issues to patients.

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